7  Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Busy People 7 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Busy People

By on March 6, 2018

Whether you’re a busy mom, full-time student, or working 40 hours a week, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be certainly challenging, but possible nonetheless. No matter how hectic life gets, your mental and physical health should always be placed at the forefront. A healthy mind and body directly correlate to your mood and energy levels, which will positively benefit you at home and at work.


Planning will pay off.


Meal preparation: Not only will your body and schedule thank you, but so will your wallet. Carving out a few hours on a lazy Sunday night to prep lunches and dinners for the upcoming week is an easy way to cut out the stress and calories that come from meals on the go.

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Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast.


Your doctor was right, breakfast was and still is the most important meal of the day. When rushing out the door in the morning, it may seem fine to grab your coffee and go, but this is only going to backfire on you later on in the day. Choosing something high in protein and fiber such as eggs or oatmeal is your best bet to sustain energy and fullness throughout the day.


Hydration is key.


There’s more to drinking water than just hydration. Staying hydrated will keep your skin healthy, hunger levels down and concentration sharp. Keep a large water bottle at your desk and refill it as the day goes on. This is a good way to get in routine and keep yourself accountable for your water intake.


When hunger does strike, keep snacks on hand.


Healthy snacks can be tasty too. Keeping  convenient snacks at your desk is a great way to keep blood sugar level and avoid overeating later on in the day. Some snack options to keep in your desk drawer are almonds, pretzels and even a low sodium popcorn.


Don’t eliminate caffeine, but monitor it.


Although too much caffeine can make you crash and burn, black coffee still reaps many benefits that are not worth completely eliminating it. If you depend on coffee to get throughout the day, start by decreasing your intake to one cup in the morning and one when you hit your afternoon slump. In addition, pay close attention to what you’re adding to your java. A plain cup of coffee only has a few calories, it’s the syrups and sugars in your creamer that will sneak up on you.


Get outside.


Getting a few minutes in the sun each day can heavily influence the outcome of your day. Even if it’s only a 5 minute stroll down the sidewalk during your break, getting a daily dose of vitamin D helps boost your immune system and mood, as well as revitalizing and awakening your senses.


Workout in the a.m. not p.m.


Toss the infamous, “I’ll do it after work” saying out the window. We all know after a long day at work or school, the last thing you want to do is hit the gym. This is a reasonable feeling, so why not get it out of the way in the morning? Fitting in a quick 30 minute jog or even a living room yoga session in the morning will increase your mood and mental activity for the remainder of the day.

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