7 Ways to Increase Productivity When You’re Feeling Rather Unproductive 7 Ways to Increase Productivity When You’re Feeling Rather Unproductive

By Lanier Daniel on February 27, 2018


It’s Monday morning, it’s drizzling outside, and you didn’t sleep a wink last night. What can you do to turn this day around? As much as we want to give 110%  all day everyday, sometimes that’s just not realistic. After all, we’re only human. The good news is, this list of 7 tips can help you overcome when you find yourself lacking motivation:


  • Breaks are not the bad guy.


Although you may be wondering how taking a break could increase productivity, it is proven that giving yourself regular breaks throughout the day can rejuvenate and energize the mind and body. Be sure to use these breaks as a reward for completing a given task. It’s a small but compelling way to narrow that checklist down.


  • Set goals.


Setting both long term and short term goals is an effective and powerful way to reach your goals in a timely manner, in addition to minimizing procrastination. Over time, these seemingly small goals will result in big outcomes.


  • Don’t put your health on the backburner.


Your health is the main outside factor contributing to your performance in the office. Whether it’s clocking in a few more hours of sleep, skipping your daily Starbucks Frappuccino, or opting for the stairs rather than the elevator, making sure your health is your number one priority will make a noticeable difference.


  • Spruce up your work space.


The environment you work in is vital to your mood and productivity levels throughout the day. You’d be surprised at the impact some extra natural light or even some pictures from home can make during your work day. In addition to touching up your space, if you have the option to work remotely- take it! Taking a work day at a local coffee shop or even on an outdoor patio will help increase attention span and motivation.


  • Organize.


Did you know there is a direct correlation between untidy work environments and one’s stress levels? To avoid office mayhem, make a point each morning or each afternoon to clean up your work space. Including this in your routine will ensure improved mood and accomplishment.


  • Set your own limits.


Be realistic with your task list each day and try not to overwhelm yourself. Sometimes trying to cram too much into one day can backfire and cause you to feel discouraged and unmotivated.


  • Work hard, play hard.


In this digital age, it is difficult to truly get away from the office. It’s okay to be a hard worker, but it’s also crucial to make sure you create some time for yourself. Carving out time to indulge in relaxation and personal hobbies will help keep you happy at both work and home.


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