Board Of Directors

E|SPACES Principal, Cushman & Wakefield | Cornerstone, Art McWilliams

Art McWilliams

Principal, Cushman & Wakefield | Cornerstone

Art McWilliams is a 40-year veteran of commercial real estate brokerage and investing. Most of his career has been affiliated with Cushman & Wakefield in Nashville and Atlanta. He is currently a principal with Cushman & Wakefield | Cornerstone, a firm he cofounded in 2002. During his career he was elected to the Board of Governors of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, was on the founding Executive Committee of Partnership 2000, now Partnership 2020, and served as President of the Commercial Division of the Nashville Board of Realtors. In 1998 he co-founded Space Exchange, an Internet-based commercial MLS. That endeavor led to investments in several other early-stage technology companies including E|SPACES. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree with emphasis in Electrical Engineering.


E|SPACES CEO of Nashai Biotech, Crom Carmichael

Crom Carmichael

CEO of Nashai Biotech

Crom Carmichael is a native of South Bend, Indiana and a 1971 graduate of Vanderbilt University. He now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Over the last 10 years Crom has funded and participated in the founding of over a dozen companies in a variety of high tech industries. Crom currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Nashai Biotech. In addition to his business career, Crom has been an active political commentator in the Nashville media market for the past twenty years.


E|SPACES Chairman and Co-Founder | E|SPACES, Inc., David Gibbs

David Gibbs

Chairman and Co-Founder | E|SPACES, Inc.

David Gibbs is currently owner and former Vice Chairman of Alacrity Services LLC, a leading insurance claim services network provider and affiliates. He also serves as the principal of consultancy The West Bridge Group, which provides business advisory and legal services in risk management, new venture initiation, business strategy, as well as property casualty insurance and litigation strategy. A graduate of the University of Richmond and the Emory University School of Law, David has previously practiced law in Washington, D. C. with Steele & Fornaciari. In addition to his business career, David is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Brehm Foundation, which supports two comprehensive academic programs focused on children and young adults with complex learning disabilities located in Carbondale, IL.


E|SPACES , Gerald M. Kluft DDS

Gerald M. Kluft DDS

Gerald M. Kluft DDS is a retired oral surgeon who practiced in Tampa for 36 years. Parallel with his practice, he developed an extensive portfolio of commercial properties, which he still currently maintains. He serves as a consultant and advisor to the University of Florida College of Dentistry as well as to the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry. He is active with the Office of Technology Licensing at both the University of Florida and the Medical College of Virginia. Over his career, he received several professional honors ranging from Fellow International College of Dentists and was chosen the 2006 Distinguished Alumnus of the University of Florida. An active angel investor, he maintains board seats in several early stage endeavors ranging from ophthalmology to genetic genotyping. – See more at:


E|SPACES President and CEO | E|SPACES, Inc., Jon Pirtle

Jon Pirtle

President and CEO | E|SPACES, Inc.

Jon Pirtle, a Tennessee native, has over 14 years of sales and management experience. Jon is a partner of Grand Avenue where he had generated significant revenue growth through his outreach to corporate and institutional clients. Prior to this, Jon worked as the Regional Sales Manager for Kidpower Inc., where he was responsible for sales accounts with Walmart, Academy Sports, CVS and Walgreens. Jon is an avid golfer, and he is involved in the Nashville Rotary, CRU, The Boy Scouts of TN, Samaritan’s Purse and The Make A Wish Foundation.


E|SPACES Co-Founder | E|SPACES, Inc., Phil Gibbs

Phil Gibbs

Co-Founder | E|SPACES, Inc.

Phil was Co-Founder of E|SPACES, served as CEO for four years and currently servers as a Director. In addition to his role with E|SPACES, Phil works with executives on corporate innovation through The Disruption Lab. As a principal in early-stage investment firm Evergreen Investments and Management, Phil consulted with and was a board member of industry-disruptive healthcare technology company Passport Health Communications. The firm he founded and led for over a decade, Executive Learning, Inc., was one of the country’s leading change agents focused on continual improvement in healthcare. Phil holds a Ph.D. in organization communication from The Ohio State University,