Frequently Asked Questions

Is E|SPACES a physical location or virtual workplace?

It is a physical workplace. The first center is located in the New Hill Center at 4322 Harding Pike, which is at the intersection of Harding Pike, Woodmont Blvd. and White Bridge Road. Our second center is located in Cool Springs on W. McEwen Dr. just past the Mallory Lane intersection in the McEwen Building. We are opening a third facility on 4th St. in Chattanooga June 2018.

What does the “E” stand for?

The “E” has different meanings, depending on the person’s experience. For some, “E” stands for Entrepreneurs, or Executives and for Everyone with a home office — all of whom would be at home at E|SPACES. For many, it is an abbreviation for “electronic,” referring to doing business using the Internet, i.e. ecommerce, ebusiness and eBay. While E|SPACES is far from a virtual office, members certainly accomplish their work using the Internet.

Will I have my own private office?

If you mean a 10 by 12 corporate walled office — no. Actually there will be a variety of choices from a comfortable lounge chair, a café table, a worktable for collaborating with colleagues, a quiet “phone booth,” or a lounge chair on the balcony in Belle Meade.

Also, in Belle Meade we offer a fully furnished micro office and team rooms for small companies and project teams of 5-12 people.

Can I reserve a specific space in advance?

You can reserve one of the meeting rooms in advance, for a nominal fee. Work spaces, however, are on a first come, first served basis. There are a large number and variety of spaces so generally you will be able to find a space that meets your needs.

Can I reserve a meeting room without joining as a member?

Yes, you may reserve meeting rooms during staffed hours Monday through Friday 8am-5pm for a half day or full day. Contact us for non-member pricing and availability.

What services do the concierges provide?

Concierges provide support for all things E|SPACES.  E|SPACES is staffed with concierge support Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm to assist with technical problems you may encounter such as connecting to the wireless, printing from your laptop and connecting to our displays for a Skype call. Concierges will also be glad to reserve meeting rooms and answer questions. They do not function as personal assistants to answer phones for you or run errands, but can refer you to preferred sources for all your other needs.

Is there a long-term commitment?

No. There is no lease to sign and no long-term commitment. Membership is month to month.

So, how do I get started?

It is really easy. Click the Join button. Read and agree to the terms of service. Select your membership level and enter your payment information. One of the Concierges will give you an orientation and you are all set to enjoy the many benefits of membership.