The Story

Redefining the concept of office space

Coffee shops

A relaxing, collaborative office space available for rent

Walk into Starbucks, Panera Bread or virtually any coffee shop during any time of day and you will see the origins of this new paradigm of the office. Young, mobile professionals with earphones in and laptops open fill up tables and chairs with buzzing cell phones beside steaming cups of coffee. If you check the bios you will find one is a CPA reviewing spreadsheets for a client, another an independent public relations professional writing a press release, and another is a sales executive who escaped the chaos of her office to finish the sales plan she will present to the board tomorrow.

Executive Suites

Drive down the street a few blocks and you pass an office park with brick and glass buildings filled with corporate offices. One of the gleaming office buildings is unique. It is called an executive suite. Instead of one company occupying the whole building, many self-employed professionals and small businesses occupy individual offices. There are row after row of large offices. Most have that “corporate” feel. They share a receptionist who greets visitors and sorts mail. They have copiers and printers and meeting rooms. Like corporate offices, many of the offices sit empty much of the time because the occupants are calling on clients or traveling.

Coffee Shop + Executive Suite

Stocked coffee bar and other amenities add comfort to your office spaceE|SPACES integrates much of the functionality of an executive suites with the inviting aesthetics of a coffee shop, in a membership model that redefines the concept of the “office”. There is no lease or long-term commitment. There are different membership levels depending on the number of days a member needs to access the space — you pay only for what you need. And members choose from a wide variety of work spaces — from a comfortable lounge chair with tablet arm, to a walk station with a raised computer stand, private conference room equipped with the latest conferencing technology and casual chairs outside on the balcony. Members print color copies from their laptop and enjoy a latte or sip hot tea while they work.


While no one label accurately describes all our members, “mobile, connected professionals” seems to describe most. They generally have home offices, but really their computers are their “offices”. They do spend a lot of time in coffee shops, fast food restaurants, and hotel lobbies, often looking for a plug and tapping their fingers as they wait for a document to download. They are salespeople, management consultants, real estate agents, accountants, writers, public relations executives, account executives, regional managers, lawyers, trainers, consulting engineers, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals across all areas of business and commerce. Many are self-employed or work for small businesses. Others work for large corporations in locations with no corporate office. Some are even seasoned executives who are looking for work.

Green Spaces

E|SPACES outdoor patio and green environment in Belle MeadeA large number are environmentally conscious and regularly make purchase decisions based on sustainable and green solutions. E|SPACES is an environmentally friendly, green solution that evolved, in part, out of the concept of telework centers and the telecommuting movement. Traditional corporate office buildings are very large consumers of energy. Most have large executive offices, large professional offices and row after row of cubicles. The offices and cubicles, however, are empty much of the time. The occupants are in meetings, out on calls, traveling or on vacation—not to mention the ones at Starbucks and Panera Bread. Yet the empty offices continually consume large amounts of energy. The E|SPACES’ model enables more people to work efficiently in a smaller space, thus reducing energy consumption and significantly reducing cost.

New Paradigm Office

E|SPACES integrates two basic work environments — the coffee shop and executive suites. It focuses on a rapidly growing demographic that is mobile, technologically sophisticated and independent. And it uses resources efficiently while reducing cost.

This is what sets our office space apart from others.