It’s All About the People…Really It’s All About the People…Really

By Casey Briody on May 20, 2015

“It is impossible to have a great company if you don’t have a great team”, says Jim Lackey, Chairman & CEO of Complete Holdings Group. Lackey kicked the month of May off by speaking at the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce First Friday Small Business event on May 1st at E|SPACES, Inc. Lackey, who serves on the board of E|SPACES, Inc. also serves on local boards such as NextGXDX, Brightstone, WMC Foundation and many others in which he believes in instilling his “A Player” method.

Jim starts out by asking the crowd “are A Players the key to having a high performance culture?” As I am sure you could have guessed, the answer is YES. Lackey says the biggest entrepreneur mistake is not hiring A Players and keeping B players on your team. Although many factors play into what makes your business unique, it is the people that truly make the difference. Lackey’s presentation pinpoints the characteristics you should watch for when building your own team of A Players.


Competent – Skills, education, experience, guts, smart?
Communicator – Many competent people fail because they lack this ability.  Eye contact, ability to speak AND listen.
Creative – Think out of the box, forget history, bring solutions not problems, challenge status quo!
Confident – Bring it! Want the ball when it crunch time. Know you can do it!
Courageous – Rather be building value and solving problems than just having a job! Take risks, take a stand! Voice their opinion. Future oriented.


Positive and Energetic – Everyday is a new day! Fire in the belly! Energy fills the room when they arrive.  A-players attract A-players.
Can Do – Anything can be done with focus and energy!
Passionate and a Sense of Urgency – They have passion about the company, the task, the opportunity.  Let’s do it now!
Focused On Solutions NOT Problems – Anyone can point out problems.  They bring solutions!
Team Oriented and Collaborative – Listen, communicate, no ego, respect.  More power with a group than alone.
Versatile – Try new things. Contribute beyond their area of expertise.
Curious – What if?  Why not? Could this work? Would they buy this?
Flexible – Take out trash and make coffee.  Go with the flow and grow!
Mature – NO Whining, Seek feedback.


Self Starter – Don’t wait for direction. Pull the trigger!
Persistent – Never Give Up! Overcomes all obstacles.
Goal Setter – You must define success or you won’t know when you are there.
Executes and Gets Results – Consistently delivers.  Gets results.  Don’t confuse activity with action.
Takes Total Responsibility For Actions – No one to blame.  If you aren’t failing you aren’t trying!
Improves Self and Functional Area – Always looking for better ways and more paths to success.  Leave it better than you found it!
Thinks and Acts Like They Own the Company


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