7  Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Busy People 7 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Busy People

By on March 6, 2018


Whether you’re a busy mom, full-time student, or working 40 hours a week, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be certainly challenging, but possible nonetheless. No matter how hectic life gets, your mental and physical health should always be placed at the forefront. A healthy mind and body directly correlate to your mood and energy levels, […]

Leaving the Nest Leaving the Nest

By Landry Lowrimore on November 3, 2017


How E|SPACES Can Help You Escape the Limitations of a Home Office Despite their creature comforts, home offices can hold a low ceiling over the potential of a budding business. E|SPACES is a progressive solution that blends the professionalism of a spacious office setting with the energy of a mobile workspace in a way that […]

Mass Decentralization Mass Decentralization

By Phil Gibbs on July 14, 2015


Fashion is notorious for wild swings in style. Cynics would attribute this to the marketing prowess of designers who manipulate the fashion conscious. Management consultants have been accused of a similar tactic–advising clients one year to centralize operations and a couple of years later advising them to decentralize. There is a phenomenon going on in our institutions today that is…

Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate Jeremy Kane Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate Jeremy Kane

By Keith Moore on June 25, 2015


Mirroring the temperature outside, our mayoral race is beginning to heat up. With about three weeks before early voting begins, we welcomed Mayoral Candidate and Founder of LEAD Public Schools Jeremy Kane, to our Belle Meade location’s monthly Breakfast and Networking Event. Originally from Michigan, Jeremy’s father, a minister who often worked two jobs to support his family, relocated to Nashville knowing only three things about the city; he knew Nashville had affordable homes, he knew there were good public schools and he knew that Nashville was a place where he could help build a church that was inclusive to people of different communities.

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Who Are You Online? Who Are You Online?

By McKenna Smith on June 9, 2015


“You’re not innocent until proven guilty on the Internet.” Steve Wyer, Chief Operating Officer of Third Coast Interactive, made this statement during his presentation for our monthly First Friday event. Wyer’s lecture Who Hires a 3 Star Business? focused on the importance of one’s online identity and the impact it can have on your career.

Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate Charles Robert Bone Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate Charles Robert Bone

By Keith Moore on May 27, 2015


In the latest installment of our E|SPACES Learning Series, our Belle Meade location welcomed attorney, entrepreneur and mayoral candidate Charles Robert Bone. Speaking on the tremendous amount of respect he has for the current administration, Charles Bone detailed his citywide economic development strategy and answered questions from the audience on everything from public education to traffic congestion.

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It’s All About the People…Really It’s All About the People…Really

By Casey Briody on May 20, 2015


Jim Lackey, Chairman & CEO of Complete Holdings Group kicked the month of May off by speaking at the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce First Friday Small Business event on May 1st at E|SPACES, Inc. Lackey shares that although many factors play into what makes your business unique, it is the people that truly make the difference.

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