Christopher Rand Added to Member Council

By Phil Gibbs on April 30, 2010


Christopher Rand is the latest addition to the E|SPACES Member Council, according to Jim Lackey, Chair of the Council. Christopher is a Co-Founder of TriStar Technology Ventures, which focuses on companies in the area of healthcare innovation. TriStar’s Technology Fund is one of the six initial TNInvestcos, set up to invest in Tennessee small and start-up businesses.

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Sid Chambless Joins Member Council

By Phil Gibbs on April 26, 2010


Jim Lackey, Chair of the E|SPACES Member Council, announces the addition of Sid Chambless to the Council. Sid is Executive Director of the Nashville Capital Network (NCN) and Managing Partner of the NCN Angel Fund. The NCN focuses on supporting entrepreneurs as they develop business concepts and seek funding, along with developing sources of capital for early stage investments. As of the beginning of 2010, NCN had participated in $17.8 million in funding for 19 companies, and in April announced the funding of the 20th company.

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Entrepreneur Test

By Phil Gibbs on April 24, 2010


Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Nashville.  Although the number of venture backed start-ups that make headlines may be down, there are many entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams.  Nashville’s support for entrepreneurship is evidenced by the many organizations that provide resources and support for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.  Perhaps most notable is the recent launch of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center by the Chamber of Commerce and its Partnership 2010.

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The Entrepreneurial Team – 78 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 16, 2010


We hear a lot about entrepreneurs—their inclination for risk-taking, never ending ideas, confidence in those ideas, determination, stubbornness and boundless optimism. Get a group of them—OK, I should say us—in a room together and it can be scary. Ideas are bouncing off the walls, plans are written on napkins, funding options that will never fly are presented as done deals, and new ventures are being pitched before the last one is off the drawing board. It is the nature of the animal. And I must confess it is fun.

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A Place to Meet – 84 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 9, 2010


With Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, GoToMeeting, and new applications constantly coming online, is there still a need for face-to-face meetings?  The truth is probably not as much as a few years ago.  However, all you have to do is stop by any coffee shop or office building, and you will see a few people working alone, but many are meeting with another person or small group.  There are those times when a face-to-face meeting just seems to be required.  It is how business gets done, not to mention the social dimension of working directly with others.

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Jim Lackey Named Chair, Member Council – 85 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 8, 2010


Jim Lackey, Chairman and former CEO of Passport Health Communication,, has been named Chairman of the E|SPACES Member Council.  In this role, Jim will lead a group of members representing different segments of the E|SPACES membership.  The role of the council is to provide feedback on all aspects of the E|SPACES experience, provide suggestions for improving service and offerings, and promote this new concept of the office among colleagues.

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Construction Starts–86 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 7, 2010


Construction on E|SPACES has started!  Josh and I visited the space today and saw the floor plan that we have been looking at on paper laid out on the concrete floors.  It looks great–very few walls, large spaces, high ceilings and great light.  We took some video and should have it up soon.

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Mobile, Connected Professionals–87 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 6, 2010


Only 87 days until mobile, connected professionals in Nashville have a new home.  So what is a mobile connected professional?  It is pretty simple–they move around a lot in their work and they stay connected to their colleagues and clients through the Web and cell technology.  They are consultants, sales reps, writers, designers, real estate agents, drug reps, entrepreneurs and even lawyers and accountants.  Virtually every area of business and the professions has a growing number of mobile, connected professionals.

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Opening Countdown 88 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 5, 2010


Wow, only 88 days left to the opening of E|SPACES.  This will be a really big week.  We should sign off on the buildout of the space, continue to work on the Web site and marketing materials, as well as add to the Member Council.  It is an exciting time.

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Opening Countdown 89 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 4, 2010


Well it is official, E|SPACES is a Nashville-based  startup.  That is how the Tennessean described us.  It is really exciting to get our first mention in the press.  On Monday, an article appeared in the Tennessean about the Hill Center at Belle Meade being almost full, and we got a mention.  See – And, the really amazing thing is that they put the pipe (|) in  E|SPACES.

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