Our Favorite Health Starts at Work Event Recipes Our Favorite Health Starts at Work Event Recipes

By Kelsy Harms on April 25, 2012


If you came to the Health Starts at Work with Whole Foods event at E|SPACES in Cool Springs last night you were asking for the Thai wrap recipe because you couldn’t believe healthy food could taste so good. For those of you who couldn’t make it to the event last night, you missed some tasty dishes. I have listed the Double Green Smoothie recipe and done my best to list the ingredients for those excellent Thai Wraps below for you to try at home. Special thanks to Whole Foods Market, Hot Yoga Plus, Avalon Effect Light Therapy, and The YMCA for joining us to inspire healthy living and for Brentwood Homepage who covered the event in a recent article “Maintaining Health at Work is Possible.”

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Waiting for the Front Doors to Open in Cool Springs

By Kelsy Harms on January 29, 2012


If you are like me, you hate waiting!

Which reminds me, I hate “waiting rooms” even more than waiting. Why? Because somebody put them there on purpose for the specific purpose of making me wait! And they are everywhere—office buildings, drivers license testing centers, doctors’ offices and hospitals. Just think about it, they designed “waiting” into the system when they built the waiting rooms—why else would you build them? That means that when you go to use their service, you know they are going to tell you to take a seat and it will be thirty minutes to an hour before they see you. And to add insult to injury, they try to fake you off by putting magazines and TV’s and aquariums in the waiting rooms to make you think an hour is not really an hour. I am sorry, but watching a Piranha swim in circles doesn’t do it for me.

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Construction Starts–86 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 7, 2010


Construction on E|SPACES has started!  Josh and I visited the space today and saw the floor plan that we have been looking at on paper laid out on the concrete floors.  It looks great–very few walls, large spaces, high ceilings and great light.  We took some video and should have it up soon.

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Opening Countdown 88 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 5, 2010


Wow, only 88 days left to the opening of E|SPACES.  This will be a really big week.  We should sign off on the buildout of the space, continue to work on the Web site and marketing materials, as well as add to the Member Council.  It is an exciting time.

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Opening Countdown 89 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 4, 2010


Well it is official, E|SPACES is a Nashville-based  startup.  That is how the Tennessean described us.  It is really exciting to get our first mention in the press.  On Monday, an article appeared in the Tennessean about the Hill Center at Belle Meade being almost full, and we got a mention.  See – And, the really amazing thing is that they put the pipe (|) in  E|SPACES.

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Opening Countdown 90 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 3, 2010


We are a day closer to the opening of E|SPACES in Nashville.  I met this morning with a friend in the music marketing business.  He really liked the concept and especially liked not having to sign a lease and the fact that parking is free.  He thought it was a good value and immediately identified two people for whom he thought it would be a fit.  He thought we should offer support for entrepreneurs as they work to get new businesses off the ground.

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Opening Countdown 91 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 2, 2010


This is the first of 91 blog posts to count down to the opening of E|SPACES on July 1, 2010.  This blog will chronicle the life of entrepreneurs as we create and implement a new concept.  We will share the excitement and the anxiety of a new venture.  A lot of dreaming, planning and work have brought us to this point, and we still have a lot of work ahead of us, and hopefully more dreaming.

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