Achieving Work Life Balance Achieving Work Life Balance

By Casey Briody on June 18, 2014


Today many people struggle managing work life balance in order to make the deadline, advance, or because they simply enjoy what they do. Whatever the reasoning may be, it is possible to balance your home and work life. Entrepreneurs especially feel the pain of overworking themselves in order to make their dreams a reality. Many will do whatever it takes to build their business, something Dr. Jeff Cornwall can relate to.

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Entrepreneurs as Risk Takers – Debunking the Myth

By Phil Gibbs on August 19, 2013


As an entrepreneur, people tell me that they admire the risk taking involved in starting a business — funny, it just struck me that my wife has never told me that! It is a common assumption that entrepreneurs are risk takers — riverboat gamblers. And some might argue that riverboat gamblers are conservative compared to entrepreneurs.

But I don’t buy it.

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4 Steps to Create a Great Product or Business 4 Steps to Create a Great Product or Business

By Kelsy Harms on May 10, 2013


Michael Burcham, President & CEO of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, shared with entrepreneurs and small business owners at E|SPACES what he has learned over the past 30 years in business. “The journey between the idea and turning your idea into something real has to do with one’s ability to think, make choices, recruit people, and move your product ahead.” In order to turn your idea into reality, Michael shared what he considers fundamental components of the Executive’s Toolbox.

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Young Entrepreneurs Part 2

By Kelsy Harms on April 23, 2013


Meet George Livingston and Ian Raffalovich

Co-Founders & Co-CEOs of Sweet Meat Jerky and winners of the Churchill Mortgage Young Entrepreneur Contest. We are pleased to have them as members at E|SPACES – be sure to welcome them if you see them! We’ve asked George and Ian to share some of their entrepreneurial experiences with us. Here’s what they said . . .

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Early Stage Investing and the Growing Capital Gap in Nashville: Findings of the Venture Report

By Kelsy Harms on August 9, 2012


This month the Nashville Capital Network (NCN) and the Nashville Health Care Council are issuing a comprehensive report on the local venture capital marketplace, titled “Nashville Venture Capital Report: 2001-2011.” The report investigates venture capital investments in Nashville-based companies over the last decade with a special focus on venture capital investment in Nashville health care companies. The Nashville Venture Capital Report is the first study of its kind on local venture capital investment.

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Coach Franklin Fires Up E|SPACES Crowd Coach Franklin Fires Up E|SPACES Crowd

By Phil Gibbs on May 21, 2012


Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin had the audience ready to suit up and walk through a wall. He presented his strategy for changing the culture at Vanderbilt, which can also be translated to business.

The Chef And I Catering provided amazing food. Also adding to the buzz of the morning was 104.5 The Zone’s Wake Up Zone, broadcasting live from an E|SPACES conference room.

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Business Models: How Does Your Shining Object Make Money? Business Models: How Does Your Shining Object Make Money?

By Phil Gibbs on May 1, 2012


So you have a shining object that you think is the next big thing. No, you know it is the next big thing! What do you do with it — start a business of course.

Will it alter our view of the world? Check! Will it improve efficiency? Check! Will it improve the lives of people? Check! Will it open up vast new opportunities? Check! Will it make money? Uh, I hope so.

Join us at E|SPACES Cool Springs as Michael Burcham addresses this question on Thursday, May 10, at 4:30 pm for networking, food and drink and a presentation and Q & A with Michael. (RSVP here) There is probably no one in the country more qualified to help us answer the question, “Will your shining object make money?” than Michael Burcham.

Michael is President and CEO of the Entrepreneur Center, Nashville’s nationally recognized center for supporting entrepreneurs and startup businesses. He recently led the launch of Startup Tennessee as the second state to join Startup America, and in March Michael was honored at the White House as a “Champion of Change.”

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No More Jobs — Occupy Work

By Phil Gibbs on November 8, 2011


No, this is not about Occupy Wall Street or the high unemployment rate we have been enduring. Well, maybe it is, in a way. Actually, it is about the unemployment rate going much higher when measured by the traditional number of people holding “jobs.”

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Ten Reasons to Give Up the Office in 2011

By Phil Gibbs on January 20, 2011


No, not the TV show—YOUR office! That box with the name beside the door where you spend a few hours a week working or trying to work. Be warned that giving up the office is as difficult for most people as giving up caffeine or stopping smoking—and there are no patches. Don’t even think about doing it cold turkey.

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Success Requires Failure

By Phil Gibbs on August 9, 2010


Not many of us have a life goal of failing. Nor do we wake up in the morning and think, “I need a power breakfast because I’m going to fail today.” Neither do companies develop strategic plans that have a section labeled failure, although they probably have a section that addresses risks. Every business plan that asks people to invest definitely should outline the risks. We rarely talk or write about failure, much less predict it.

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By Phil Gibbs on July 2, 2010


The Bank of Nashville’s CEO CafÈ on August 10. The event, hosted by E|SPACES, will be facilitated by Jim Fuller and features Jim Lackey, former President & CEO of Passport Health Communications. He will be speaking on, “When and How to QUIT: How Successful Leaders Can Prepare for Their Transition Out of Leadership.” Question & answer panelists at the event include The Bank of Nashville Director & President of Compass Executives, LLC, Art Rebrovick, and Jane Hardy, Principal of Career Resources.

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Jeff Cornwall Joins Member Council

By Phil Gibbs on May 14, 2010


Jim Lackey, Chair of the E|SPACES Member Council, announces the addition of Jeff Cornwall to the Council. Dr. Cornwall is the Jack C. Massey Chair in Entrepreneurship and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Belmont University. The Belmont program has received national recognition, including being featured by Fortune Magazine in 2010 as one of five universities studying entrepreneurship. Jeff’s blog, The Entrepreneurial Mind, is among the most popular with a focus on small business and entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurial Mind is part of the Forbes blog network and was named by that magazine as a “Best of the Web.”  It is also syndicated by The Christian Science Monitor. Jeff is involved in the Nashville entrepreneurial community, serving as a Director of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.  In addition to his academic career, for nine years Jeff served as co-founder and President/CEO of Atlantic Behavioral Health Systems, an operator of health care facilities and programs throughout North Carolina.

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Amy Everhart Joins Member Council

By Phil Gibbs on May 13, 2010


Attorney Amy J. Everhart has joined the E|SPACES Member Council, according to Jim Lackey, Council Chair. Amy founded her firm to focus on individuals and organizations in the creative industries, entrepreneurs, inventors, business owners, and others with legal needs in the areas of trademark, copyright, entertainment, and the internet. From 1998 to 2009, she practiced law with the Nashville firm Riley Warnock & Jacobson, PLC. A graduate of Vanderbilt School of   Law, Ms. Everhart is the Founding Co-Chair of the Solo and Small-Practice Committee of the Nashville Bar Association, former Chair of the Entertainment & Sports Law Section of the Tennessee Bar Association, and Executive Council Member of the Intellectual Property Section of the Tennessee Bar Association.

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Germain Boer Joins Member Council

By Phil Gibbs on May 11, 2010


Jim Lackey, Chair of the E|SPACES Member Council, announces the addition of Germain Boer to the Council. Germain is Professor of Accounting and Director of the Owen Entrepreneurship Center at Vanderbilt University. In addition to being recognized with teaching awards at Owen, Professor Boer is a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, and Strategic Finance. He is active in the Nashville entrepreneurial community, serving as an advisor to startup companies and as a Director of the Nashville Capital Network.

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Christopher Rand Added to Member Council

By Phil Gibbs on April 30, 2010


Christopher Rand is the latest addition to the E|SPACES Member Council, according to Jim Lackey, Chair of the Council. Christopher is a Co-Founder of TriStar Technology Ventures, which focuses on companies in the area of healthcare innovation. TriStar’s Technology Fund is one of the six initial TNInvestcos, set up to invest in Tennessee small and start-up businesses.

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Entrepreneur Test

By Phil Gibbs on April 24, 2010


Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Nashville.  Although the number of venture backed start-ups that make headlines may be down, there are many entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams.  Nashville’s support for entrepreneurship is evidenced by the many organizations that provide resources and support for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.  Perhaps most notable is the recent launch of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center by the Chamber of Commerce and its Partnership 2010.

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The Entrepreneurial Team – 78 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 16, 2010


We hear a lot about entrepreneurs—their inclination for risk-taking, never ending ideas, confidence in those ideas, determination, stubbornness and boundless optimism. Get a group of them—OK, I should say us—in a room together and it can be scary. Ideas are bouncing off the walls, plans are written on napkins, funding options that will never fly are presented as done deals, and new ventures are being pitched before the last one is off the drawing board. It is the nature of the animal. And I must confess it is fun.

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Mobile, Connected Professionals–87 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 6, 2010


Only 87 days until mobile, connected professionals in Nashville have a new home.  So what is a mobile connected professional?  It is pretty simple–they move around a lot in their work and they stay connected to their colleagues and clients through the Web and cell technology.  They are consultants, sales reps, writers, designers, real estate agents, drug reps, entrepreneurs and even lawyers and accountants.  Virtually every area of business and the professions has a growing number of mobile, connected professionals.

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Opening Countdown 90 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 3, 2010


We are a day closer to the opening of E|SPACES in Nashville.  I met this morning with a friend in the music marketing business.  He really liked the concept and especially liked not having to sign a lease and the fact that parking is free.  He thought it was a good value and immediately identified two people for whom he thought it would be a fit.  He thought we should offer support for entrepreneurs as they work to get new businesses off the ground.

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Opening Countdown 91 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 2, 2010


This is the first of 91 blog posts to count down to the opening of E|SPACES on July 1, 2010.  This blog will chronicle the life of entrepreneurs as we create and implement a new concept.  We will share the excitement and the anxiety of a new venture.  A lot of dreaming, planning and work have brought us to this point, and we still have a lot of work ahead of us, and hopefully more dreaming.

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