The End of Windows XP As We Know It The End of Windows XP As We Know It

By Jacob Brown on May 12, 2014


To begin, I felt it important to take a moment of silence and recognize the end of an era: Microsoft has officially pulled the plug on the ever-loved Windows XP operating system. Well, to be accurate, Microsoft has stopped support for Windows XP. This means that all you faithful XP users can frolic into the Fields of Elysia evermore, living on in the ignorance and bliss of the 13-year old operating system . . . at least until the XPocalypse occurs.

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The Dangers of Deployment – How to “Go Live” The Dangers of Deployment – How to “Go Live”

By Paul Hickey on October 8, 2013


Website redesign projects can be very fun. There’s an opportunity to refresh your company’s brand, look, feel, presentation and ability to market and generate traffic. It’s a very exciting time, but it’s also pretty hard to launch a new website. I mean, no website redesign project is “easy.” Having sat in many-a-room with many-a-smart group of people and having had the great opportunity to help them walk through every intricacy of transitioning from their current website to the newest iteration – one thing has become obvious: we all have a tendency to overcomplicate things.

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Small Business SEO Series: And Then There’s Your Google Plus Review Strategy Small Business SEO Series: And Then There’s Your Google Plus Review Strategy

By Paul Hickey on September 9, 2013


Sometimes it feels like it’s all coming down hard on you at once. Well, let me rephrase that – most times, it feels like it’s all coming down on you at once. Small business owners – or even directors of smaller marketing departments always have multiple “issues” to deal with. Much like a homeowner or a car owner, there’s always something needing attention, or even broken – that you didn’t plan for.

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Small Business SEO Series: Planting Your Seeds

By Paul Hickey on August 12, 2013


People always ask us how our business got its name – a misspelled vegetable with the word “edge” in it. It’s simple – we help businesses grow. In small business SEO (and let’s face it, this content is also relevant to marketing directors and CMOs of larger companies who simply have had to downsize their marketing staff over the last few years) – it’s all about planting seeds.

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Beyond Time and Place: Unified Work Beyond Time and Place: Unified Work

By Phil Gibbs on December 27, 2012


A popular buzzword today in information technology is “unified communication.” While we have been in the “information age” for some time, the technology and systems supporting this age of communication are just now beginning to mature.

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Opening Countdown 91 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 2, 2010


This is the first of 91 blog posts to count down to the opening of E|SPACES on July 1, 2010.  This blog will chronicle the life of entrepreneurs as we create and implement a new concept.  We will share the excitement and the anxiety of a new venture.  A lot of dreaming, planning and work have brought us to this point, and we still have a lot of work ahead of us, and hopefully more dreaming.

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