Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate David Fox Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate David Fox

By Keith Moore on April 1, 2015

On March 18th E|SPACES hosted David Fox, cofounder of the Nashville Post and former Metro Nashville School Board Chairman. David took a break from his busy campaign, which has him giving out his personal cell phone number (615-823-1193) and knocking on over 11,000 doors in the Nashville area, to speak about issues such as public education and alternative transportation.

David described how ‘the Nashville Way’ is Nashville’s special kind of civility that provides a comfort found only in Nashville. He shared how he came to know the ‘Nashville Way’ and what it means to him today. When David was five years old, his father relocated the family back to Nashville, a city that has held his family roots since 1865.  He believes ‘the Nashville Way’ was a source of much needed security during some of his family’s toughest times. From being there for him after the loss of his mother, to helping save the family home during the historic flood of 2010. David believes growing commute times, roadway congestion and Nashville’s aging infrastructure is seriously threatening ‘the Nashville Way.’ While noting that ‘bigger doesn’t always mean better’ David heralded the city’s success and how it was a ‘product of a series of good decisions’ focused on growth and improvement that should continue with the next mayor.

David then answered questions from the audience that emphasized the importance of ensuring Nashville’s high quality of life for future generations. He plans to do this through private sector partnerships to address the city’s aging transportation system, sidewalks and sewers. He concluded by mentioning his success leading the Metro Nashville School Board and his belief that Nashville Public Schools could attract the best talent to make Nashville the most educated city in the South. Altogether, the event was fun and informative as David stayed a few minutes after to personally thank and talk to audience members while posing for pictures (we even received a free t-shirt for being his 1,000th Twitter follower).

What issues would you like to ask your mayoral candidates? Leave a comment below, or better yet, attend our next E|SPACES Learning Series Event with Linda Eskind Rebrovick on Thursday, April 23rd at 7:30am.

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