Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate Linda Eskind-Rebrovick Breakfast with Mayoral Candidate Linda Eskind-Rebrovick

By Keith Moore on May 6, 2015

Last week our Learning Series Event welcomed Mayoral Candidate Linda Eskind-Rebrovick to our Belle Meade location. Campaigning as ‘the most uniquely qualified candidate to be your next mayor,’ Eskind-Rebrovick began her career at IBM in 1977 and helped introduce IBM computers and software to Tennessee business owners. It was during this time in which she says she acquired a first-hand perspective of the improvements in efficiency and effectiveness that technology could bring to Tennessee businesses. From IBM, Mrs. Eskind-Rebrovick went on to lead Dell’s U.S. healthcare sales team as Vice President of Healthcare Sales and most recently she served as CEO of Consensus Point, a local startup specializing in marketing research technology. To an audience of local business leaders displaying ‘Techies 4 Linda’ and ‘Entrepreneurs 4 Linda’ buttons, Eskind-Rebrovick unveiled her policy paper on transportation. Sorted chronologically into three plans, ‘quick hit,’ mid-term and long-term, the E|SPACES community was the first to see this policy paper that Eskind-Rebrovick’s administration planned to implement within her first 120 days in office if elected Mayor.

Beginning with the paper’s short term plan, Eskind-Rebrovick discussed immediate improvements to the city’s most traffic-congested areas by employing adaptive signal controls that recorded and stored data while linking roads and traffic signals to better manage the flow of traffic. Mentioning Los Angeles and it’s recent synchronization of nearly 4,400 stoplights as well as Mt. Juliet’s synchronization of eight traffic signals (the first region in Middle Tennessee to do so), Eskind-Rebrovick added that traffic signals responsive to current traffic conditions would not only lead to lower CO2 emissions but shorten commute times. She then discussed how the data collected would be used to create a more user-friendly experience for commuters and city residents (specifically, through a smartphone app with real-time traffic and congestion maps, easy pay options and links to up-to-the-minute traffic news).

The policy paper’s mid-term plans focused on increasing the quality and frequency of mass transit and while she commended Nashville’s current initiatives, saying: “we’re making progress toward building Nashville into a city that commutes through an array of options;” she also explained the need for improvements to local walk and bike travel. Pointedly discussing the importance of safe sidewalks near schools and the estimated 30,000 students that are driven to school despite living within walking distance. She went on to discuss her policy plan’s goals of expanding Nashville B-Cycle and subsequently building more bike lanes that are cleaner and protected from cars. Saying that “by keeping cars out of bike lanes and expanding bike lanes to new areas of the city, like neighborhoods away from the urban core, we can turn Nashville into a city that bikes and has a variety of transportation options for residents in all neighborhoods.”

The policy paper’s long-term plan concluded with the goal of integrating Nashville’s existing transportation and development plans. As Eskind-Rebrovick’s applauded MTA’s nMotion initiative and the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, she pledged to continue to support the regional Mayor’s Caucus that was established by Mayor Dean.

During the question and answer portion of the event, attendees raised issues ranging from transportation funding and the desire for high-speed rail to navigating downtown’s continued popularity. Eskind-Rebrovick concluded the event by acknowledging the unique position that Nashville finds itself in, being what most would arguably call the next “It” city, and then reiterating how her transportation policy plan was ‘mode agnostic’ and would allow multiple transit options for the diverse needs of an ever-growing Nashville.

As the August 6TH election nears, tell us what you think by leaving a comment. What issues do you consider to be priorities for the next mayor of Nashville? Corporate experience? Financial expertise? Bring your questions to our next Learning Series Event on Wednesday, May 13th, at 7:30 AM featuring attorney, business owner and Mayoral Candidate Charles Robert Bone and be sure to check out our next blog post for the latest on co-working and entrepreneurship in Middle Tennessee.

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