Is Collaborative Workspace A Good Fit? Is Collaborative Workspace A Good Fit?

By Eric Dates on March 7, 2016

After working in and managing the everyday operations of a collaborative workspace, I have noticed a lot of benefits that only a unique, shared office can offer. With an array of companies ranging from 2 to 16 employees, the E|SPACES offices have seen and helped many professionals enhance their brand by establishing credibility, supporting organic networking, and encouraging employee interaction.


This is one of the most important aspects of a business in the eyes of today’s consumer. Whether it’s selling a tangible product or an intangible service, credibility can be the deciding factor in the closing of a sale.  Many people associate a coworking space with the artsy, creative culture that modern, boutique companies portray in todays market, however E|SPACES has taken a corporate twist on the coworking market and gave it a professional brand, thus creating a more professional working environment for the market. The corporate niche enhances the brand of a company operating in the workspace and, consecutively, heightens the credibility. Upon meeting with clients, this can also allow both parties to feel comfortable and trust in the transaction or agreement occurring in the office.

Organic Networking

Everyone is familiar with the exquisite “Networking Event” involving a distinctive collection of business card-hungry salesmen in a competition to see who can drop the most names on the floor, yet few ever seem to walk away with anything truly useful.  In a collaborative space environment, subtle networking occurs overtime at an organic pace.  Employees and executives from every industry greet one another each morning, as that is the polite gesture in any office, and eventually reach a certain level of curiosity about their colleagues that leads them to inquire about what they actually do. This, in my personal opinion, is the best networking practice that leads to long-term connections rather than just another business card in your briefcase. This in an important aspect to consider, too, when shopping offices as one must think who, exactly, they would like to have in their network.  Artsy, creative start-ups? Professional, corporate-minded companies?

Employee Interaction

Another benefit of the collaborative workspace environment is the encouraged interaction between employees.  Now, the discipline of knowing when to work and when to interact falls into the lap of the employing company and shouldn’t be blamed on the collaborative space, nevertheless the verdict is simple: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” – Richard Branson.

The coworking environment does a great job of tearing down walls that would normally create a sense of intimidation and fear in an employee.  The interaction I am stressing is not that among like-employees, but that of encouraging progressive interaction among all employees, executives included. The collaborative environment empowers each employee with the ability to ask questions and voice opinions that otherwise would not be heard in the traditional office setting.


In the collaborative workplace, there are many advantages to that of the traditional office setting.  I wanted to relay the three I believe are the most important, helping bring to light some skewed views of the coworking environment.  So, whether you are a start up company or a large corporation looking to plant a team offsite, know that a professional atmosphere in a collaborative space can really help the growth of you and your team.

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