E|SPACES Cool Springs Presents Talk By TechnologyAdvice CEO E|SPACES Cool Springs Presents Talk By TechnologyAdvice CEO

By Kelsy Harms on May 6, 2014

Lessons Learned from Rapid Growth

“It’s a risk not to take a risk.” Rob Bellenfant, CEO of TechnologyAdvice, shared with a room full of Franklin business leaders and entrepreneurs last Friday at E|SPACES Cool Springs. He started his first entrepreneurial venture at age 7 and has since purchased five businesses off eBay. The first four failed, but the fifth has morphed into what has successfully become TechnologyAdvice based in Brentwood. TechnologyAdvice is a technology marketing company that connects buyers of business technology with the products that best fit their specific needs. Rob shared with us some of the lessons he has learned from his failures and successes in business:

Mistakes = Learning

Mistakes in Vision
  • Didn’t have a clearly defined vision
  • Needed to figure out what our culture was
Outgrow Small Thinking
  • Commission structure for sales team
  • Delegate responsibilities and trust that people will make it work

When you’re a small business owner you have a tendency to want to control everything. You have to learn to let things go.

Mistakes with Management
  • Executers do not always make great managers
Mistakes in Hiring
  • Open job position/goals were not clearly defined
  • Hiring process was not structured
  • We hired team members suffering from millenialitis


Consider Your Office Culture
  • Find people who fit with your culture, not just people with skills
  • This is the key to employee retention
Invest in Your People
Don’t Move Too Fast
Develop Your Own Unique Process
  • Borrow ideas from others and customize
  • Don’t skip steps or make snap judgments
Learn to Anticipate Your Needs
  • Constantly evaluate and check the pulse of your business’ needs
  • Have plans for succession/departures


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