Grow Your Company From Start Up to High Value Grow Your Company From Start Up to High Value

By Phil Gibbs on March 30, 2012

You do not want to miss Jim Lackey’s presentation April 10th! It is easy to start a company. Many do it every day. And some develop into good businesses and provide a living for the founders. But few break through to become great success stories and generate high financial returns for the founders and investors.

So what is the difference? How do you take the next steps from a small, comfortable business that may offer lifestyle revenue, to a company that offers multiple exit opportunities—acquisition, merger or even public offering? Maybe an even more fundamental question is, “Should you?”

As more people move into entrepreneurial roles and as the economy hopefully begins to improve, this is a critical question for new and early stage companies. The earlier the question is addressed, the better.

Jim Lackey is perfectly qualified to address this question. Jim joined Passport Health Communications in the very early stages of the company—actually before its name was “Passport.” Jim led it from a small start-up company to become one of Nashville’s and the country’s leading healthcare technology companies and to a financially profitable exit for the founders and investors. Jim is now working to repeat this process as CEO of Complete Holdings, also based in Cool Springs.

Join us at E|SPACES in Cool Springs on Tuesday, April 10, at 4:30 PM for networking, food and drink, and a presentation and Q & A with Jim, who also serves as Chair of the E|SPACES Advisory Board.

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