Is Healthy Work an Oxymoron? Is Healthy Work an Oxymoron?

By Phil Gibbs on April 19, 2012

Join Whole Foods Market in Franklin and Hot Yoga Plus at E|SPACES Cool Springs on April 24, 4:00 to 6:00 PM. RSVP Here. Whole Foods is known across the country for its focus on healthy living. Hot Yoga Plus is not as well known yet but also exists to help improve health. So how does this apply in the workplace?

Isn’t work the place you have to go before or after you do healthy, pleasurable things — eat well, exercise, relax? What is the saying? “A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.” Obviously work can’t be healthy.

Maybe that is true with some jobs and some workplaces, but many people are choosing to work on their own so they can design what they do and where they work in a way that is enjoyable, healthy and rewarding.

E|SPACES, which will host this event, is designed for individuals who work independently or in small companies, often from home offices or coffee shops. Places like E|SPACES provide the opportunity for them to be around other entrepreneurs and professionals and have a functional and brand enhancing place to be creative and meet with colleagues and clients. The abundant natural light and casual atmosphere contribute to a heathy and productive environment.

At the event on the 24th, Whole Foods will set up multiple stations at E|SPACES so you can sample and learn about healthy eating, even at work. And Hot Yoga Plus will teach simple stretching and postures that can be applied at work.

If you are an individual professional, small company, or anyone who desires a healthier lifestyle, join us to learn tips for making healthy choices at work while experiencing E|SPACES’s healthy work environment.

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