Leaving the Nest Leaving the Nest

By Landry Lowrimore on November 3, 2017

How E|SPACES Can Help You Escape the Limitations of a Home Office

Despite their creature comforts, home offices can hold a low ceiling over the potential of a budding business. E|SPACES is a progressive solution that blends the professionalism of a spacious office setting with the energy of a mobile workspace in a way that a home office or public coffee shop simply can’t.

Every mobile entrepreneur has come in contact with the struggle. The war against distraction is constantly unfolding in the form of small daily battles: the long lunch break, the cell phone buzzing on your desk from apparently every friend you’ve ever had. YouTube and Facebook are a mere click away, and anytime you type a URL beginning with “N”, your laptop reminds you that Netflix exists.

At E|SPACES, there is a governing energy that keeps things spinning. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, you can be in a position to avoid unwarranted distraction and push your business forward. Rather than giving your home address to clients, you can receive mail at a business P.O. Box. Instead of having to schedule a sensitive meeting in your living room or a crowded coffee shop, you can meet behind the closed doors of a meeting room. The list goes on and on.

Getting out of the home office and into E|SPACES can put your business at a huge networking advantage. Your workspace becomes your client base. The business partner for your most profitable venture could be the person working in the desk right beside yours. Even casually over coffee, the relationships formed with other coworkers could become contacts that help your business flourish.

E|SPACES can help you eliminate unnecessary distractions, equip you to perform at your best, and plug you into a community of like-minded individuals. But it all starts with leaving the nest.

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