Lessons Learned from the .com Boom and Bust Lessons Learned from the .com Boom and Bust

By Dale Clay on July 31, 2013


Bobby Frist, Founder and CEO of HealthStream



“If Netscape was the company that opened the door to the .com boom, Healthstream was the company that closed it” shared Bobby Frist, founder and CEO of Nashville-based HealthStream opening his presentation about his personal and professional journey in growing his company over the past 23 years.

Frist grew HealthStream from a small internet startup to a national player with over 600 employees and ($x) in revenue. He shared business lessons from past successes and failures, such as realizing that each time the company narrowed its focus, it made more money. In talking about challenges in his current role, Frist said “Each day I am having to figure out how to run the biggest company I’ve ever run, because each day we grow more.” To keep up with the increasing responsibility, he is having to “let go” of various tasks he once did. The next item on his list? Email. Be sure to let us know when you get that one figured out.

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