Maximize Your Strengths Quick Start Maximize Your Strengths Quick Start

By Phil Gibbs on February 11, 2011

( 8:00 ) Lite Breakfast and Networking

( 8:30)  Quick Start Program


4322 Harding Pike

Nashville, TN 37205

The Maximize Your Strengths Quick Start is a 90-minute training session designed to provide you with simple tools to achieve maximum advantage from strengths you already know you have. The Quick Start training won’t make you different, just better at things you like to do.

Led by a certified SimplyStrengths® trainer, the Maximize Your Strengths Quick Start is based on material developed by StrengthsFinder co-creator Marcus Buckingham. The trainer on March 11 is Jim Seybert, one of the first independent trainers certified by The Marcus Buckingham Company to teach the material on an ad hoc basis.

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Who should attend:

•  Individuals who have done a StrengthsFinder assessment and want to take their strengths experience to the next level.

•  Individuals who have never heard of StrengthsFinder and want to identify the specific activities that make them feel strong.

•  Managers looking for ideas to boost productivity of their teams.

•  Organizational leaders wanting to increase employee retention.

•  Entrepreneurs who need to focus their activities where they can do the most good.

What you’ll learn:

•  Why companies that encourage workers to play to their strengths have higher levels of success than those who don’t.

•  A simple and effective method for drilling down on each person’s individual strengths.

•  How to intentionally plan each week with your unique strengths in mind.


Our fee for the 90-minute Quick Start training is $25 per person, including breakfast and handout materials. E|SPACES will waive the fee for current members. Breakfast is served at 8:00, and the training begins at 8:30.

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