Redefining Wealth and Risk in Uncertain Times Redefining Wealth and Risk in Uncertain Times

By Phil Gibbs on October 5, 2011

7:30am-8am: Continental Breakfast

8am-9am: Seminar


4322 Harding Pike,

Nashville, TN 37205


TO RSVP, email Seaborn Hall at or call Michelle Schultz ext. 202 or Kelli Richmond ext. 245 (800) 435-3505


Seminar Description

Containing the latest information on the stock markets, focused and presented by a seasoned market veteran, this seminar takes you on a tour from the New Normal to the current uncertainty present in the global markets. Russ Hill, CEO of Halbert Hargrove, a top 50 National Wealth Advisory firm, ties together several years of analysis on how markets are changing and what actions investors can take for profit and protection. In some ways, this time is different for many investors. Expect some surprising conclusions on investment and retirement challenges present in today’s environment and the solutions needed to address them.


Russ Hill, Chairman and CEO of Halbert Hargrove,(MBA, Stanford University) has over 35 years of experience in the investment arena. Among other credentials, he is one of three people with a lifetime seat on the Fidelity Brokerage Advisory Council.


Halbert Hargrove, a top 50 Wealth Advisory Firm, founded in 1933 and headquartered in Long Beach, California has seven national offices and is one of the first Investment Advisors globally to complete the independent certification process of CEFEX, Centre for Fiduciary Excellence.

The 2005 JP Morgan study of the financial services industry placed HH well into thetop 1 % of independent registered investment advisory firms based on revenues. HH is consistently listed in the top advisor group of Wealth Management magazine. The primary custody holder for HH is Fidelity, one of the world’s largest providers of custody platforms and a significant provider of access to capital markets. HH does not receive compensation for products, services, or custody other than from clearly disclosed, client-paid management fees.

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