The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

By Cynthia Price on July 29, 2013

With the average person sending/receiving 105 emails per day and our average attention span down to 8 seconds, Cynthia Price shared at a recent E|SPACES event 5 tips for how to gain attention in an overcrowded inbox.

1. Take a Landing Page Approach

Refine the message of each email to a single goal and draw the reader towards that action to buy, download, donate, go to your website, etc. The top 3 calls to action across the entire web are “click here”, “download”, and “go.” People generally aren’t going to buy your product right away from an email, so nudge them gently and give them a first step.

2. Tell a Compelling Story and Keep it Simple

Use images and stories to draw readers toward your goal. Don’t overcrowd your email with too much text…white space is ok! Keep in mind 80% of people are scanning emails, only 19% will actually read the entire page.

3. Design for Mobile

Email use has become the number 1 activity people do on their smartphones. 46% of people are reading emails on mobile devices and tablets today (this has gone up 300% in the last 2 years and continues to rise). Be sure your images and font sizes look good on a small screen before considering larger screens.

4. Refine Your Subject Line

“If your subject line isn’t working, no one is going to open your email in the first place,” shared Cynthia. Use clarity over creativity and be sure the most important part of your subject can be found in the front or back so it is easy to scan within an inbox.

5. Test It

Segment your audience and send customized messages to different groups. Consider trying different subject lines with different groups and see which one receives a better open rate.

cynthia-price1-150x150Cynthia Price leads Emma’s partner development efforts, working to bring lots of fabulous new partners into the Emma community. A Nashville native and graduate of Miami University in Ohio, Cynthia has employed her natural ability to build relationships on both a local and national level for over 15 years.

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