The Entrepreneurial Team – 78 Days The Entrepreneurial Team – 78 Days

By Phil Gibbs on April 16, 2010

We hear a lot about entrepreneurs—their inclination for risk-taking, never ending ideas, confidence in those ideas, determination, stubbornness and boundless optimism. Get a group of them—OK, I should say us—in a room together and it can be scary. Ideas are bouncing off the walls, plans are written on napkins, funding options that will never fly are presented as done deals, and new ventures are being pitched before the last one is off the drawing board. It is the nature of the animal. And I must confess it is fun.

So how do deals get done and new businesses launched? Well, it takes a team, an entrepreneurial team. Lots of ideas get generated, but most of them are really bad. Somebody has to stand up and say that will never work. Someone else may say you need to change it this way, and it has potential. After about 50 iterations, a few nuggets start to develop potential. And then there is implementation and execution. Even many great ideas fail here. The effective team is made up of people, with very different talents and skills, who come together to make the dream a reality.

As we launch E|SPACEs, we have an exceptional team. Several members of the team are in the picture to the left, taken on the balcony of the center following our first construction walk-through. Bo Adams represents our landlord, H.G. Hill Realty,, that built Hill Center. Ginny Caldwell of Southeast Venture,, has done an excellent job in designing a space that is functional and captures the E|SPACES brand. And designers Charlotte Gramling and Jenny Tatum of IDS,, have created a furniture design that highlights the brand and creates the Wow reaction that will set the space apart.

There are others playing important roles whom we will highlight later, but this entrepreneurial team is implementing and executing what only a few days ago was just on paper.

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