The Ultimate Guide to Blogging: Why Blog, What to Blog, When to Blog, and Where The Ultimate Guide to Blogging: Why Blog, What to Blog, When to Blog, and Where

By Phil Gibbs on January 10, 2011

Where: ESpaces
4322 Harding Pike Suite 417
Nashville, TN 37205

Hello Nashville Techies!

Blogging will be the subject of the January meeting for the NashvilleTech Meet-Up Group.

I will be presenting on the following topics:

1) Why should you blog?

Blogging is important for anyone who is trying to bring awareness to themselves, their company, and/or their products in an online environment. We’ll discuss why!

2) What to blog?

Businesses and people new to blogging are always wondering what to blog about. We’ll cover some of the basic ideas on what to blog and look at a few audience examples. Please submit your blog to me if you would like it covered during the meeting (

3) When to blog?

How often should I blog? When is the best time to post a blog? When do people read the most? When do people share the most? We’ll cover the answers to all these questions and more!

4) Where to blog?

We’ll cover some of the best blogging services and how to best use those services. This will include discussions on simple ways to update your blog to include using email or texting.

The meeting will be held at our usual spot, ESPACES! Please RSVP through Meet-Up if possible.

And finally, a big thanks to our Sponsor – Windows Phone 7! Check out their very entertaining website here:

Hope to see you on Saturday the 22nd!


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