Young Entrepreneurs Part 2 Young Entrepreneurs Part 2

By Kelsy Harms on April 23, 2013

Meet George Livingston and Ian Raffalovich

Co-Founders & Co-CEOs of Sweet Meat Jerky and winners of the Churchill Mortgage Young Entrepreneur Contest. We are pleased to have them as members at E|SPACES – be sure to welcome them if you see them! We’ve asked George and Ian to share some of their entrepreneurial experiences with us. Here’s what they said:



What does your business offer and what differentiates you from others in your industry?

“Sweet Meat Jerky offers an organic beef jerky with nothing artificial and no added preservatives. We’ve brought to market a snack that raises the quality and taste standards of beef jerky and the meat snack industry. Our main competitors either have products that can’t match our nutritional value or if they do, we beat them on flavor and taste. We are building a youthful, refreshing brand that we think will disrupt and re-energize the market.”


What ignited the spark in you to start this venture?

“As business majors in college, we were fearful of corporate America. Neither one of us wanted to end up behind a desk doing mindless work for someone else, so we started looking for other ways to succeed.The inspiration for Sweet Meat Jerky was born from a summer spent searching for the perfect snack, something that was as delicious as it was healthy. Based around a beloved family recipe, we perfected Sweet Meat after testing out many different ingredients and bringing samples on many an adventure and the rest is history.”



What motivates you as an entrepreneur?

Ian – “The thrill of the unknown and interaction with my customers. Every single day is different and presents it’s own unique challenges (positive and negative), both socially and in business. I’m a problem solver and people person by nature, so building a business/brand from the ground up definitely offers the dynamic work environment I thrive on. The autonomy and opportunity to be a self starter also gives me inspiration. Waking up knowing I’m going to better myself through my actions that day is a pretty rewarding and motivational feeling.”

George – “Entrepreneurship is so much more than the ability to create my own work schedule. It’s total creative control – it’s the freedom to decide which direction an entire organization or business is moving in. Never in my life have I been a part of something that is as inspiring, frustrating, scary, and amazing all at the same time as being an entrepreneur!”


Meet one of the other winners – Emily Daniel, Founder of Spanish Lessons with Emily D and new member at E|SPACES. Learn more about the Churchill Mortgage Entrepreneurship Contest and other finalists here. Congratulations to first place winner Nisolo shoes!


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